About G.M. Loggins

The Dimension Runner Universe:

Have a taste for science fiction featuring friendships in space, intelligent life, the weird and the lost?

Visit worlds full of starships, ancient ruins, geometric anomalies and mysterious legacies, where the crew of the Barracuda often find that their differences make them indispensable to one another, curiosity can be a life-saving trait, and family is who you can depend on, regardless of species.

About the Author:

G.M. Loggins and her husband live in Virginia, and are fond of animals, especially large dogs and non-poisonous reptiles.

Asked about why she writes science fiction, she had this to say:

“The Dimension Runners’ universe contains a number of major species besides humans, five of which have been introduced already and have existing characters, and I’m looking forward to introducing another two intelligent species in subsequent books. As a kid, I fell in love with the Mos Eisley cantina, along with the other multi-species scenes in Star Wars, and hope to create in my writing the same feeling of ‘this really exists’ that they evoked.”

The Dimension Runner Series:

Pilots Guild

Kaleida escapes pursuit by the murderous Governor of Ryat to the training grounds of the Pilots Guild on T’ormalin. But can she learn fast enough to stay ahead of him? And will the crew of the Gatauan ship Barracuda tolerate a human among them long enough for her to learn her craft?

Cantor: City of Fractals

Kaleida meets a friend of her former Guild instructor as a favor, but the meeting ends with his death and Kaleida in possession of a stolen object. She’s summoned to give her version of the events to the Dimension Runners Council, and the Council offers her the chance to challenge the ancient ruins of Cantor City to harness the mysterious power called starsong. Is it an honest offer, or an excuse to see her conveniently dead?

The Eerhaas Myth

Linked to a wild anomaly and its powerful starsong, Kaleida continues to be haunted by strange entities no one understands. The Barracuda’s crew have been sent – not to Trathia, but on a last-minute rescue mission in interdicted Eerhaas space. The mission to find the lost researchers will force the team to ascend the Spires of Eternity and enter the Eerhaas pre-disaster ruins above them. But something else inhabits the sky-city, and it wants to be left alone.

Wild Anomaly

The crew of the Barracuda has been contracted by the Dimension Runners to transport a research team to the Trathian anomaly which threatens to rupture a hole in the fabric of reality. But more than the team is interested in the anomaly.

Other interested parties show up to interfere, including the dimensional tentacles, making the goal of disabling the wild anomaly even more hazardous before. In the midst of the chaos, Kaleida must discover whether her link to the wild anomaly is an asset or a fatal liability before time runs out.

Coming Next: The Wraithshard Zone