Books – Wild Anomaly

Wild Anomaly Cover

The crew of the Barracuda has been contracted by the Dimension Runners to transport their research team to Trathia where they will assist in shutting down the Trathian anomaly. Expanding across the crater and into the ruined city nearby, the anomaly threatens to rupture a hole in the fabric of reality. They all hope to bring a quick end to the threat.

When the dimensional tentacles interfere, disabling the wild anomaly becomes even more hazardous. And the crew comes to realize that theirs are not the only lives on the line.

Back on Gosper, where Dimension Runner researchers study the ancient City of Cantor, something that began as a prank between colleagues has gotten out of hand, and may have dire consequences for everyone, even hundreds of parsecs away on Trathia.

Perhaps especially on Trathia.

In the midst of the chaos, Kaleida must discover whether her link to the wild anomaly is an asset or a disaster before everyone’s time has run out.