Books – The Eerhaas Myth

The Eerhaas Myth Cover

Linked to a wild anomaly and its powerful starsong, Kaleida continues to be haunted by strange entities no one understands. The Trathian anomaly is getting stronger and more dangerous. She should be heading to Trathia with the Guild’s research team to figure out how to sever that connection and close the Trathian anomaly for good.

Instead, she and the Barracuda’s crew have been sent on a last-minute rescue mission in interdicted Eerhaas space, to the Eerhaas homeworld. If they’re caught, the Concorde will accuse them of assisting the Eerhaas and prosecute them as terrorists. The Eerhaas themselves are on the brink of civil war, and many remember their humiliating defeat during the last Concorde Assembly at the hands and paws of the Barracuda’s crew. Whiskers are on edge.

The mission to find the lost researchers will take the team from the edge of Eerhaas civilization, to the heights of a dangerous and wondrous wilderness, finally to ascend the Spires of Eternity and their pre-disaster ruins.

But something else inhabits the ruins, something alive. And it wants to be left alone.