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Pilots Guild Cover

Embarking on your career is hard enough when everyone thinks you’re too young. It’s a real pain when you’re the wrong species, and worse still when a high-ranking murderer comes after you.

Kaleida doesn’t want to be human, but Gatauan genetic engineering isn’t that good. Escaping to T’ormalin, the sector’s Pilots Guild headquarters, seems like a good idea. Becoming a pilot should give her the authority to stand up to anyone, even the murderous Governor of Ryat.

Assigned by her instructors to a passenger liner full of humans, Kaleida takes matters into her own hands and instead signs on with the crew of the Barracuda – a small Gatauan trader. Some of the crew are welcoming. Others want her dead. But the crew of the Barracuda have troubles of their own, and Kaleida finds she’s walked into the middle of a hidden conflict that may destroy not only her new friends, but the Guild itself.

And who are the mysterious Dimension Runners?